SEOUL MADE is a brand that will facilitate the change of industry in Seoul from manufacturing to the knowledge-based economy. SEOUL MADE is designed to both protect the industrial values of baby boomers that have led the growth of Seoul, and to express the industries of the millennial generation.

SEOUL MADE with Millennials

SEOUL MADE will help more companies in Seoul to get closer to the millennial consumers around the world who love to consume the range of content and products created by Seoul.

We plan to build and support a platform that continuously promotes development, including exhibition space, package design, promotion, and online sales with SEOUL MADE.


Word Mark

Various components of SEOUL MADE symbol

The components of the symbol of SEOUL MADE were developed based on six representative emotions of the millennial generation who are the key consumers in Seoul, and are currently re-creating it.

Brand Concept

Values beyond territory / From manufacturing to creation


· Embracing people, cultures and stories
· Employing “story=slogan=value” marketing differentiated from traditional marketing methods to communicate true value to customers and form relationships with them